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The Hive Eco Store & Refill Hub - launches 1st February 2020

At The Grocer Chef, we are passionate about doing what we can to help save the world we live in for future generations and we really believe that small changes make a big difference and the more people we can help do that, the better.


We started making changes last year with little changes like serving our milkshakes and smoothies in glass tumblers instead of single-use plastic cups; only using biodegradable straws, recyclable ice cream tubs. Last winter we discovered Coffee Logs and invested in bringing them to our customers and spreading the word about their benefits. When the opportunity arose for us to become more involved we jumped at the chance!


Sally from The Hive has inspired us, here's her website if you'd like to know more about the products she chooses and why   We are very excited to announce that The Hive Eco Store & Refill Hub launches within The Grocer Chef on Saturday 1st February 2020! 


Refillable bottles and containers will be in the shop ready for you to decide which eco products you’d like in your home. Every customer who purchases on our launch day will receive a free gift! 


The following eco-products ranges will be available: 

  • Home Cleaning
  • Laundry Care
  • Soaps
  • Hair Care & Much More



Refilling at The Hive Hub is simple



  1. You purchase your refillable bottle (a one-off purchase)
  2. You choose the product you’d like to fill it with (lots to choose from)
  3. Fill your bottle and pay at the till for the amount you want
  4. Love the products
  5. Return & refill again!

Refilling means:

  • Zero waste
  • It saves you money
  • It saves single-use plastic waste
  • It saves carbon emissions
  • You live a sustainable lifestyle
  • You support local business  


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