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New stockist!


We are very proud to be the new area stockist of Coffee Logs from bio-bean. 


Waste coffee grounds are collected and recycled by bio-bean to become coffee logs. Each individual logs contains grounds from 25 cups of coffee. When burnt they produce 80% less emissions than if they were in landfill. The logs are suitable for all types of fire. Multi-fuel stoves, open fires, Aga's, fire pits, log burners. They are even safe to use if you have a thatched roof. They burn 20% hotter and longer than kiln dried wood. They ignite easily and require no maintenance whilst burning. They are easy to store and light to handle.  


We have received our 1st, of many, deliveries and we now have these great eco friendly winter heat source products on the shelves. Each bag contains 16 logs and costs £7.75. We are offering free local delivery, within a 5 miles radius, for orders of 6+ bags. 


Call 01235 833237 to order or pop in to collect your supply 


We will also be attending this Christmas eco friendly event with Coffee Logs.You'll be able to find out more about them, purchase a bag for yourselves or buy as unique gifts for Christmas. We will also be taking orders for free local delivery. 

See you there:

Our last Christmas Fayre of the year will be at The Hare on Sunday 15th December. Lots of gorgeous stalls and gifts guaranteed. We will have a warming display of Coffee Logs burning in the fire on the evening. 5-8pm.  

Testing Coffee Logs Review


What a find! Ready for a winter fire 


I saw coffee logs and they intrigued me. A clever idea using coffee grounds that would only end up in landfill. Did you know burning them causes 80% less emissions! As the owner of an open fire, who lights a fire every chilly evening and gets through a lot of logs, I thought I’d give these eco logs a go. I used minimal kindling as it is not really cold at the moment but I couldn’t wait to try them! They caught alight far quicker than a large log and they don’t really smell of coffee! The packaging advises you to leave them undisturbed, which I’m more than happy to do rather than constantly getting up off the sofa to prod the fire to keep it a light. They definitely provide a consistent heat source. The burn time was over an hour. 


Will I be buying these this winter? Yes I will and I’ll be recommending them to friends.



Eco: 5*

Heat: 5*

Length of burning time: 5*

Ease of use: 5* they are compact to store and light to handle which is ideal if you have *** problems.

Cost: 4* depending on frequency of fires = 1 bag = 16 logs = a week. You don't need kindling either, despite me using it initially. Just 1 eco firelighter works very effectively.


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